A One-man Panorama

The inimitable K. Brian Neel has been amazing audiences around the world for over twenty years. From his dynamic, highly physical performance style to his award-winning directing and published writing, Brian is sure to captivate and inspire.

While still a student at the University of New Mexico Brian began working with the physical improvisation company KINGS' ELEPHANT THEATER. This eventually led to moving to Seattle, Washington in 1989 where he completed his studies at the University of Washington in psychology. Since then he has performed and directed at numerous Seattle area theaters and toured for eight years with the SEATTLE MIME THEATRE and for ten years with MAGIC CIRCLE MIME, regarded as one of today's premier family attractions, uniting the concert orchestra with visual theater.

Brian's eclectic resume includes:
• Directing and performing in TURKMENISTAN with theater simple.
• Musical theater performances at the EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE.
• Directing Verdi's Louisa Miller for PUGET SOUND OPERA.
• Clown work for TEATRO ZINZANNI.
• Playing aliens in the science fiction series THE COFFEE TABLE.
• Creating theatrical components to CARNEGIE HALL educational concerts.

He has also created eight solo theatre pieces which have toured the US, Canada, and Australia. He resides in Seattle in a house designed and largely built by himself -- a holdover activity from his days as an architecture student in New Mexico.

Brian has performed in numerous films, commercials, and industrials. His on camera commercial work is represented by Topo Swope Talent.

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