Into mirrors reflecting a separate sole,
With clear glass begetting all colour,
Swim beneath these pools before nightfall
To enter Castle Vysok.

PRYK: An Adventure Unrestricted by Reality

The writer didn't mean to write that!
The fantasy writer met success early with his imaginary land, Werndoald, and bought his dream home. Now, with his fourth book due and the advance money gone, he has writer's block and must bring in boarders to pay his mortgage. The eccentric renters initially inspire further adventures in Werndoald, but soon the worlds merge, threatening the writer's sanity, and possibly his life.

PRYK was originally workshopped at The Empty Space Theatre in Seattle, Washington in 2002, and ran at ReBar in 2003. It was produced by Joe Boston Productions, directed by Andy Jensen.

Critics Pick - Seattle Weekly, Seattle Stranger

"...a performer with an elastic sense of mischief, returns with this darkly screwy, feverish solo show."
- Seattle Weekly

"No other actor in Seattle is better at bringing to life multiple characters and myriad settings on a bare stage than the dazzlingly virtuosic K Brian Neel. His newest offering showcases his skills admirably."
- Seattle Stranger

"K. Brian Neel has an elastic imagination, a body of equal rubber, and no fear of confronting dauntingly concrete challenges. Last time around, the solo performer put on a one-man film noir--twelve people leaping from his slender frame in a fatalistic murder mystery he called DOUBLE CLIMAX. Now he's upped the ante: PRYK will have him juggling fifteen disparate characters and two different worlds. The show concerns the mad descent of a fantasy author locked in a place between the imaginary land he created and the real life he can't control. Neel, himself, is on the ascent--a true artist in evolution whose liquid, split-second transformations, when fully honed, should solidify his reputation far beyond."
- Seattle Weekly


PRYK author high-res JPG, credit: Joshua Sliwa

PRYK couch high-res JPG, credit: Joshua Sliwa

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