"K BRIAN NEEL brings a dextrous, knowing innocence to his roles, something between vaudeville and Beckett."
- The Stranger (Seattle)

"I was rivited. Neel rocked."
- National Public Radio

"Memorable, pure, live theatre."
- Advertiser, Adelaide, Australia

"A one-man panorama. Virtuoso performing."
- Seattle Post-Intellingencer

"Neel rules the stage. . . dynamic, engrossing, funny, heartbreaking, poignant, unique -- all those things that make a night at the theater the thrillingly consuming experience that only a couple shows in a hundred can create."
- Charleston City Paper

"You gotta love the sweat on K. Brian Neel's face. . . Neel's onto something."
- Washington Post

"The star of the show is K. Brian Neel... In a production with a number of strong performances, his stole the show and was delightful to watch. He is one of the most expressive comedic actors around with excellent comic timing and facial expressions which kept the audience completely entertained."
- Drama in the Hood

"Rubber-faced. Neel is so intense you fear he'll blow a gasket. This go-for-broke pratfaller wins you over by crushing your defenses. (He's like Dick Van Dyke on steroids.)"
- Seattle Times

"K. Brian Neel has an elastic imagination, a body of equal rubber, and no fear of confronting dauntingly concrete challenges. Though he's proved to be a charmed chameleon in other shows and an astute director (guiding the all-woman The Erotica Project to its impassioned, elegant success), it is as a comic, elastic solo performer that K. Brian Neel made his mark."
- Seattle Weekly

"Seattle's premier physical theatre powerhouse."
- The Peak, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, BC)

"An elastic, agile performer who uses his body to create an onstage language."
- CBC Radio, Canada

"The most strangely compelling performance I've seen."
- Edmonton Journal. Canada

"Astonishingly great. The best piece of physical theatre I've ever seen."
- Calgary Straight, Canada

"Cool, quirky, kinda dark. Neel is engaging. Must-see."
- Washington (DC) City Paper

"Brian Neel is the funniest iguana I've ever seen."
- The Stranger (Seattle)

"Bracing theatre, exhilarating and thought-provoking. And funny. Brilliant performance."
- The Stranger (Seattle)

"Neel deserves the standing O he got."
- Vue Weekly, Canada

"He combines the monologue skills of Spalding Gray with the physical comedy of Mr. Bean."
- The Fringe Review. Vancouver, Canada

"Astonishing is the rambunctious physicality of Neel's performance."
- Edmonton Sun, Edmonton, Canada

"Neel channeled Carlie Chaplin."
- Charleston Post and Courier

"A physical masterpiece. Interesting and multi-faceted"
- Westender, Vancouver, Canada

"Neel creates characters that are at once vivid and nuanced."
- Georgia Straight, Vancouver, Canada

"Inspired comic performance."
- The Globe and Mail, Canada’s National Newspaper

"Engrossing and adventurous work, done with consummate skill."
- Seattle Times

"Brilliant. Dynamic."
- Seattle Weekly

"An elastic, agile performer who uses his body to create an onstage language."
- CBC Radio, Edmonton, Canada

"Neel's performance is arresting... admirable physical precision."
- Georgia Straight, Vancouver, Canada

"He fills his stockings with power and grace. A delightful performer"
- Seattle Weekly

"Fucking amazing."
- The Stranger (Seattle)

"Conceptually inspiring and brilliantly performed."
- Vancouver Fringe Review


"Quaint homage to simple people and places...strangely captivating. The most powerful agents of fear are the ones that remain unseen. Director Neel takes this to heart, avoiding any literal representations of the Kentucky "haints," and opting instead to rely on suggestion and imagination. It has the feel of something meant to become Halloween tradition."
- Leah B. Green, Seattle Times

"Wickedly sharp, yet tempered by the sort of wincing humor that comes from a ballsy identification with the subject matter."
- Dick Morin, Seattle Weekly
"Smart, savage and stinging."
- Gianni Truzzi, Seattle Stranger

"Neel keeps it from blushing with self-importance, and responds to the purplish writing with an ingenious gravity."
- Steve Weicking, Seattle Weekly
"Beautifully and refreshingly done. Facile direction."
- Adrian Ryan, Seattle Stranger

"Neel's direction is so good that you never realize how good it is." - Jeff Johnson, Charleston Post and Courier
"...accomplished at conveying the nuances of meeting, flirting, falling in lust and wrenching apart."
- Seattle Times
"Deftly directed. Wonderfully Fresh. Must See."
- Tim Lloyd, Adelaide Sunday Mail

"Staged with a crisp intelligence that is playful but tightly focused."
- Richard Wallace, Seattle Times

Garland Awards for Best Direction and Best Ensemble Cast.
"Saucy, clever, and theatrical. Political theatre of the absolutely best sort."
- John L., Seattle Weekly
"Startlingly ingenious."
- Joe Adcock, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Humorous without resorting to parody, experimental without being impenetrable, the show was lean, subversive and witty."
- Seattle Times
"The best work I've seen."
Seattle Stranger