OROBORO: a comedy with loops

Made up of scenes that swirl and wrap around each other*, OROBORO is a brainy and physical, psychedelic fractal of a show.

Go on an infinite first date. Meet a literally soul-eating middle manager. Listen in on a phone call to the patron saint of his own lost cause. And become an imaginary friend.

Developed using math** and improvisation, OROBORO is madcap comedy meets conceptual theatre. Alice in Wonderland meets Franz Kafka.

K. Brian Neel has created seven award winning solo plays including the ukulele operetta VAUD RATS, the time travel trilogy THE 42ND FLOOR, the noir film on stage DOUBLE CLIMAX, and the fantasy epic PRYK. These shows have performed across the US, Canada, and Australia. His dynamic, highly physical performance style has been called:
"Riveting" - National Public Radio
"Virtuoso" - Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"Dynamic, engrossing, funny, heartbreaking, poignant, unique" - Charleston City Paper
"Astonishingly great" - Calgary Straight, Vancouver, Canada
"Neel's onto something." - Washington Post

OROBORO: written and performed by K. Brian Neel. Directing consultant - Meghan Arnette. Movement consultant - Juliet Waller-Pruzan

OROBORO (formerly Kook) premiered at Seattle's Locally Grown Festival in 2015.
Runtime: 60 minutes

* Life is a cycle. A spiral, a circle. We see it in the smallest snail shell and the great Milky Way galaxy. We see it in our lives: birth to childhood to adulthood, dating to marriage to parenthood... the beginning of a new birth, etcetera onward. Yet we look for ends in everything. Ends to our weeks, months, years. Ends to our stories. Mostly we want that. Why is this such a demanding urge? Such a necessity for our minds to grip?

** Just like Lewis Carroll's work, OROBORO was created using using symbolic logic. Formulas were used to write core elements and scenes. Then in rehearsal, K. Brian Neel improvised around these loops to develop connective tissue to complete the final script.


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